Stiltsville Miami Tours

Miami’s Most Unique Historic Sight

NOTE: Stiltsville Miami tours are included on our daily 2-hour tour. We spend about 15 minutes in Stiltsville going to each house for photos and a historical perspective delivered by the captain. 

One of the most popular areas on our 2-hour Biscayne Bay Adventure Tour is historic Stiltsville located in Biscayne National Park. Seven unique and colorful houses hover above bay waters on stilts, some used as speakeasies during Prohibition and today managed by the Stiltsville Trust.

Ocean Force Adventures offers historical sightseeing boat tours to explore the area of Stiltsville and learn about the colorful past of the houses and the many characters who have shaped the history surrounding them.

Explore Stiltsville Miami tours with Ocean Force Adventures Miami adventure boat tours.

Stiltsville Facts

  • Two miles from any shore, seven of the 27 houses remain standing today
  • It is rumored that Al Capone had a gambling operation at Stiltsville
  • Some houses used during Prohibition to store illegal liquor shipments from the Bahamas
  • Privately-owned clubs dominated Stiltsville in the 1940’s – 1960’s
  • In 1941, Stiltsville’s Quarterdeck Club was named the #1 Tourist destination in Miami.
  • National Park Service established Biscayne National Park in 1968 and incorporated Stiltsville into the park’s boundary.
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